What stops you from having
Frequent, Spontaneous, Lustful Sex
with your partner?
Dear Friend,

“I’ve been married twice before and I can tell you this: both of my ex husbands would say Mike was lying if he told them how much sex we have. They wouldn’t believe my orgasms either. Or when I have them. The truth is that after two failed marriages, I finally get what Great Sex is.”

— Melody

“I thought I knew what it was. My ex wife and I had regular, decent sex. Now, well it’s obvious what I was missing. There just wasn’t any way to know before. The truth is if you have been driving a Ford Fiesta all your life then you have no idea what it’s like to drive a Masserati.”

— Mike

We know you want sex to be Great, too, and that’s why we put this program together. It just doesn’t make sense for everyone to waste so much of our lives figuring it out themselves.

We have discovered that having Great Sex is not about tricks, rules, techniques or how to use toys. It’s about what is between your ears. Shift that — and you change everything.

Seriously, why aren’t you getting the passionate sex you need?

Well, the old excuse that the newness has worn off is just plain wrong. Sex gets better the more we learn about what turns each other on and earn the confidence to try new things. Sex is grown up playtime!

If it has never been like that for you, where it gets better with time, then at least one of you is not connecting with their sexuality. There’s a good chance there are some unpleasant sexual experiences in their past,

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The first step is taking this assessment to get a good sense of where you are at right now.
The questions in this assessment adapt to your previous answers.
So please answer the questions accurately but without thinking too hard about them.
Age Range
0 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 40
41 - 50
51 - 60
60 +

Relationship Status
Significant Other
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